What disgusts you?


This girl. You may be thinking, well what’s wrong with her?

Her name is Yuka Takaoka, 21 years old. She is praised online as being a real-life yandere. You don’t know what a yandere is? It is an anime term, “A character, usually, a girl, who fits the archetype of being genuinely kind, loving, or gentle, as well as obsessed with their love interest, sometimes demonstrating this through violent behaviour.” The term “yandere” is originally from anime, but the term was also picked up by people who don’t even watch it because of the game “yandere simulator”; a game about killing school girls just to be with your crush. It is especially popular with children around the ages of 10–14, keep in mind. And no, I am not blaming the game for what she did. I referenced it because most of the people who idolized her come from the yandere simulator fandom.

So you may be asking, real-life yandere?

Yes, one night on May 23, Yuka Takaoka’s boyfriend at the time, Phoenix Luna, planned to help Takaoka with cleaning at her apartment. Due to work, he eventually arrived 3 hours late, so instead of cleaning, he took a bath. After his bath, he laid down in bed. He then got a call from a customer at the bar he was working in at the time. Takaoka then stabbed Luna with a kitchen knife. Luna ended up surviving, and Takaoka went to prison.

EDIT: I had to take down the image because Quora kept hiding my answer. If you’d like to find it yourself, you’ll have to look up her name on Google images.

Here is how Luna, explained what happened to him;

“After I got an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach, I [looked and saw] a knife protruding [from me] and a lot of blood,” Phoenix Luna said. “Strangely, I felt no pain, but I was shocked and frightened. So, I shoved [Takaoka] from the bed and fled. She then chased me. I thought I was dead.” Takaoka caught him after he ran out the front door. “But I shook loose and got on the elevator,” he said. “I lost consciousness when I got to the lobby. I don’t remember the rest.”

Eventually, people from all around the world picked up on this story, and praised her for being a yandere, like Ayano Aishi from yandere simulator. (keep in mind that I mentioned the fanbase for this game are *children*.)

When you look up her name on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll see tons of fan pages of her, with people leaving thing like “you’re my idol!” in the comments, and people calling her hot and sexy for what she did.

Here is some fan art I found:

Here are some quotes from the girl;

“Since I loved him so much, I just couldn’t help it.” She told police, “I did not call emergency services because I intended to die after watching him die from the stabbing.”

“I was sad and seeking to die, and I thought how I would like to go about it,” she said. “I thought I would kill him because I thought that was how I could be with him. I thought that expressions such as ‘I like you’ and ‘I would like to be with you’ would become a reality if [we both] die.”

“It was the one thing I put in order in preparing for a new life with him,” she said. “After I stabbed him, he said he liked me.”

I also keep getting comments saying this story is fake, and I wish I could say it was.

Summary; Stop idolizing murderers, and please watch what your children do online.


EDIT; I added more information on what happened, because some people didn’t understand the full story since i didn’t provide a lot of details in the first place. I hope this helps.

EDIT; 1 million views?! I didn’t expect this at all, but thank you all for the support on this post!

EDIT; I’m seeing a lot of people trying to use this answer as an excuse to hate on anime, which makes no sense. I am not just talking about some anime fans, i’m talking about people that idolize real life murderers in general, not just her. I used the popular anime term “yandere” because that is what she’s known for. You’re just missing the whole point of my answer. Anime is just drawn TV, and there is nothing wrong with liking it. So please, don’t use my post to bring down communities because you don’t like and/or understand them. Every community has some bad people in them.

source: https://www.quora.com/What-disgusts-you

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