What scene in any of the Harry Potter movies made you cringe?

My favourite director was David Yates as I feel he gave the series the dark adult treatment it had been sorely lacking. However, you can tell that he was only a beginner as for all the good his directional style was, there were a fair few bits that were a bit off. The timing was wrong or it came across as awkward or even unintentionally funny. Sometimes it was just the way it was edited, here are a few off the top of my head.

Dumbledore saves Harry from the Inferi in the cave. He creates a massive awesome firestorm and the epic music swells. We then cut back to Hogwarts and the first thing we see is a bird’s eye view shot of Draco lying in bed looking up at the ceiling. The shot itself is fine, but just the transition from the firestorm in the cave was a bit too sudden and random that I felt a strange urge to laugh. I’m sure I heard other people make some slight noises like they almost laughed, it was just the editing transition.

Voldemort lets out his Nyeh heh heh laugh, that’s been mocked mercilessly. He then hugs Draco which again, everyone thought was hilariously awkward. Whilst he’s doing this, we cut to a shot of Dean Thomas watching and he looks like he’s trying not to laugh.

When Harry and Voldemort jump from the tower and start fighting whilst flying around Hogwarts, there’s a moment where their faces merge and you get this Harry and Voldemort crossover face screaming into the camera. Meant to be dramatic, but comes across as unintentionally funny.

When Harry and Hermione start dancing in the tent, their body language makes the whole scene feel awkward.

When the school grieves over Dumbledore’s body. The scene itself is beautiful, as is them all raising their wands. But whenever the scene shows Dumbledore lying on the ground, the angle looks all weird. It only ever shows him close up from this side view, you can’t see him very clearly. Something about the close ups and even at one point, a panning shot that make it look like he’s stirring and about to wake up. I remember watching this with my Mum and she hasn’t seen it and asked “Is he about to wake up?”

There are a few moments that are so quick, I missed what happened. Molly says to Bellatrix “Not my daughter you bitch.” but I didn’t know what she was talking about. Only watching it again, did I see that Ginny had just blocked a spell from Bellatrix, but the transition was so quick, I didn’t realise what had happened.

This also was the case in Godric’s hollow when Harry and Hermione are attacked by Nagini. Nagini leaps at them from out the hole in the floorboards and the window shatters. We then suddenly cut to a snowy forest of Dean next morning. I was like “Huh, what why’ve they cut to this, they were being attacked!” Re watching it, I saw them both apparrate away and shatter the window, but it was done so quickly and at such a weird angle, that I missed it.

There are a few shots which I feel the editor must’ve felt that it was holding on one thing too long, so cuts to a reaction shot. Ironically, I feel that did more harm than good as the cuts don’t feel very natural. Example: When Harry breaks the Elder wand in half. We see him start to bend it, then we suddenly cut to Ron and Hermione looking at each other and then back to him snapping it. I feel that would’ve worked better as one shot. Also during the scene in the tower before Snape kills Dumbledore. We see him arrive and say “No.” It then cuts to several people looking on, as its building up a tense pause, that’s all good. There’s just this weird shot of Bellatrix watching and I don’t know why, it just feels weird when compared to the other shots.

When the Weasley family are grieving over Fred. Apart from the fact that it doesn’t show him die, it would be helpful if the camera angle made it more obvious who it even is. You can’t see clearly who it is lying there.

The kiss between Harry and Cho goes on way too long. It starts to feel awkward.

Well, now that you mention it, I didn't like the way Bellatrix Lestrange and Voldemort’s bodies disintegrated when they died. Their bodies were there in the books, so let them crumple up and lie there! None of these little pieces of their bodies flying upwards, because it looks like a scene from The Green Mile, where the bad “particles” were swallowed by the good guy, John Coffey (like the drink, but spelt different), and he let them fly out of his mouth later on. What’s up with no dead bodies??

I liked the kids in the Great Hall all wearing black robes and pointy hats for the Start of Term Feast, but that went away as the main characters aged. Why? Did the dress code randomly change to make Harry, Hermione and Ron suddenly look more like regular teens? So they didn’t look like they attended a witches’ and wizards’ school? They did! So why change up what made sense?

Why did Dolores Umbridge measure Professor Flitwick? When she’s observing the teachers, why measure him? Is Umbridge that mean? Well, maybe she is.

Why does Dumbledore ask Horace Slughorn if he can take the knitting magazine he found in the house’s loo along with him? To show what? He’s gay? That didn’t work. Since when did Dumbledore ever have the time to knit? Did we ever see him knitting? Doesn’t knitting happen magically? Why does he like knitting patterns? And where does he even wear any clothes he has knitted? It didn’t make sense to me. Kind of strange, but not awful.

I liked the kids flying thestrals to the Ministry, but it would have been a lot scarier if we couldn’t have seen Hermione’s thestral or Ron’s. They couldn’t see them in the books, so I was hoping that would happen. It would look terrifying to anyone. Even Harry, though he saw them.

Cringey? Nothing awful jumps out at me, where I cringe. Maybe Dean Thomas should have done more than kiss Ginny Weasley, so Ron’s reaction would have made sense, but I would have cringed if my kids were watching Harry Potter and friends making out. Logically, we all know teens have sex. And maybe there exist magical form of birth control. It could exist! But I’m glad there weren’t scenes of nude students having sex in the corridors.

All in all, I can’t think of one thing that ever made me cringe. I love the films. I wish they were longer and had more of the book material in them.

Well, let’s see…

It’s been a while since I’ve touched Harry Potter.

Hmm, what makes me cringe from the films?

Oh, gotcha!

Ooooohohohohoho boy.

I’m legitimately gritting my teeth and contorting my lower digestive tract in cringe.

Why is this interaction (of many) between Harry and Ginny so cringeworthy for many people?

Firstly, the dialogue is atrocious. “Don’t you trust me?” is obviously meant to be making light of the rather dour tone of the film and the current state the Wizarding World is in. But Wright’s delivery is so painful because the line itself is painful.

Secondly, I concur that Ginny’s characterisation in the films was a downgrade from the books. In the books, Ginny has fire. She is essentially the evolution of Fred and George Weasley; if you have enough nerve, anything is possible.

The romance between her and Harry is a little more tolerable considering that she possesses that air of athleticism and bravery that Harry is associated with. She doesn’t need Harry or frankly any other character to hold her weight.

In the films, she’s just there. No wit, no ferocity, little passion.

Furthermore, Radcliffe and Wright sharing the screen just feels so awkward. In-universe, their characters would have known each other for at least four years (properly since CoS) so they have some history together. I can forgive it for Radcliffe and Katie Leung (Cho Chang) because that relationship itself was founded on awkwardness.

But there’s little to no sign that Harry and Ginny’s relationship is believable. There’s little tenderness, emotional scaffolding and dramatic tension.

I find that there’s little reason to believe Harry and Ginny share a romantic affection for one another, let alone invest myself in it.

George is our holey saviour.

Peace and Love.

A short life and a merry one.

There are a lot of scenes that made me go: 😖😖😬😩 Here are the most cringeworthy scenes in descending order.

1. Voldemort death scene (DH p.2)

The Avengers lost!! Thanos snapped his fingers with the infinity gauntlet!! Wait..no this is Harry Potter. Jokes aside, this is one of the most cringiest moments in Harry potter. In the books, Voldemort dies when his wand backfires and like any other wizard, drops to the ground. But in the movie, Voldemort dies in a different way rather than normal death by Avada Kedavra. Voldemort is above all the flawed, ordinary mortals therefore he shall die by disappearing into dust.

2. Yelly Dumbledore

This scene is actually one of my favourite ones, because it gives me such good laughs. The “Dumbledore asked calmly” meme never gets old. HowEVER this is so annoyingly out of character for Dumbledore to throttle Harry and smack him against the glass cabinet. I mean,seriously Dumbledore was powerful

3. Cormac Mclaggen throws up at Snape's feet.(HBP) Unnecessary addition of stupid meaningless scenes is unnecessary. Somehow, this scene cringes me no less than the one where Harry flings his arms around the neck of his long lost lover and falls off a floor. And that's saying something.

4. Durmstrang and Beauxbatons arrive. (GoF) It's good, but why do the students need to do a dance rehearsal complete with blowing a fire out of a stick. Durmstrang arrival is still cool because of the music, but Beauxbatons arrival is even worse. For one thing, these are not supposed to be a girls school and boys school. Wizard schools don't believe in dividing girls and boys.

Hermione defeats Ron. (PoA) Oh look!! Sexist Ron things he can do better than Hermione Granger, he says he'll go easy on her. Well Hermione shoots him with her spell, teaching him not to underestimate girls!! GIRL POWER AMIRITE!!? Nope. This scene makes zero sense because a) Why TF would Ron underestimate her? He knew her for five effing years, and he knows how good Hermione is! and b) Ron wasn't ready. You can call anyone who claims this a misogynistic pig, but really, Ron is about to move and without warning Hermione goes, “STUPEFY!!!” and c) How does disarming someone ONE TIME mean you won? Wizard duels don't work like that.

That dance!!!. (DH p.1) I actually don't have anything against this scene as Harry freaking does something instead of moping about Ron. Hermione really could've used some comfort. However, did it really need to be, “I'm better than that arse.” type of comfort? It starts off as friendly, but gets more and more romantic later on, complete with an almost kiss. DAMN, if Hermione hadn't come to her senses, harmony fans would be partying. Also, Harry KNOWS Hermione's in love with Ron and still nearly kisses her while dancing with her. Harry being Jacob Black here is one of the main reasons why I have a problem with this scene.

Ginny feeds Harry a puff pastry or whatever that's supposed to be. (HBP) Taking the awkwardness out of this scene for a bit, WHY is Ginny feeding Harry the pastry. What in the name of Dobby's socks is happening? The Ginny I know would be like, “Eat Yourself!!” I mean I know that the filmmakers wanted to reduce Ginny's role, but damn, they could've just omitted her character than this bull***t.


Every scene where Hermione gets Ron/Dumbledore/Ginny's lines. Strong female character AMIRITE??!

(Honourable mentions)
1. Hermione tells Harry that about Krum, calling him “physical being”. Since when did Hermione start talking about people like that?

2. Harry hitting on a Muggle girl at a café. I have nothing to say…

Most of the ‘bad changes’ from book to film go down as stuff that makes me cringe. Some examples include:
  • The case of the exploding Voldemort
Was it somehow a requirement to have the bad characters go BOOM!, like a scene in an off-brand Powerpuff Girls episode?

Imagine how bizarre it’d have been if all the people attacked by dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park franchise just went BOOM?

Muldoon: Clever gir-*BOOM!*

Hasn’t got quite the same effect, has it?
  • Ginny feeding Harry
It’s almost as though the scene went down like:

Ginny: Open up you.

Harry: *ohshitohshitohshit…what did the script say?*

Harry: *dying inside*

Harry: *just smile Harry, just smile*

Harry: *nervous smile*

Ginny: Don’t you trust me?

Ginny: *nervous energy intensifies*

Harry: *munch*

Harry: *awkwardly nods at filmmaker/fly/half-eaten doughnut offscreen*

Ginny: Good?

*a stray Ron approaches*

Ginny: *oh fuck yes, that scene’s over — timetoleavetimetoleave*

Ginny: *turns away at the speed of Dobby’s enchanted Bludger*

Director offscreen: You can’t leave — stay put!

Ginny: *oh shit*



Ginny was never a wilting willow in the books — she’d have catapulted a minced pie into Harry’s mouth, not attended to him like some subservient handmaiden.

Also…when in the Norberta’s-sack-of-dildos would Ginny have fed Harry anyway?

Completing rewriting characters to then insert them in badly-crafted scenes is god-tier level cringe.

source: pinterest

  • Whatever this was supposed to be
  • The popular cringe that’s already been mentioned
  • Hugdemort
  • Shoelaces
  • Harry and Voldy finishing things together like a pair of BFFs

The films need the Warrens to exorcise the level of cringe from these moments.

Ugh, the cringiest scene of all HP movies has to be this one:

Picture from Amino Apps

The only purpose this scene served was to throw a cheap one-liner people could quote later in even cringier Tumblr-esque quote-pictures like the one above.

Why? Why would he pull him so they both would fall from the building? These are two f***ing wizards, why would they fight like this? How would falling from that height while holding Voldemort benefit Harry in any way? This scene doesn’t make ANY sense! When I watched this at the theater everyone laughed because it seemed like they were going to kiss, it completely ruined the tension, although The Battle of Hogwarts had been already underwhelming up until that point, but this only added salt to the injury. Thankfully, the rest of the movie was enjoyable and I liked the other changes made, such as Harry breaking the Elder Wand, so I overall liked the movie.

For some reason, the vast majority of fans like this scene, which explains why so many movies favor visual impact+one liner instead of actual logic and substance, and that’s why I don’t usually like most action/fantasy blockbusters. Anyway, at least this scene resulted in some funny memes:

Picture from Pinterest

Picture from Reddit

source: https://www.quora.com/What-scene-in-any-of-the-Harry-Potter-movies-made-you-cringe

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