What are some things that people don’t tell you about being pregnant and giving birth?

Pregnancy is tough. Let's face it! It's a happy news on the day you announce that you are expecting. People around you pamper you if you are lucky enough.

But it's a lengthy period. 9 whole months! Your body trying to make more and more space for the baby. The nausea, the vomiting, the mood swings, being emotional and feeling needy! Did I tell you about the constipation? Add that! The stretch marks, the acne due to hormonal changes, the back ache, swelling in the feet and the weight gain. Sometimes way more than you would like.

You need extra effort while you are getting down the stairs. You sweat more and could have extreme hunger pangs, migraine and cravings at odd hours.

You could miss the kulfi that you once ate when you were 5 or the grandma's special Eid Chicken biryani or Diwali special laddus! You never know! You would feel like having it at any damn cost!

During the first trimester it's all about vomiting and nausea. The second trimester is somewhat better but you have trouble falling asleep. In the last trimester, the baby grows bigger and you almost pee when you sneeze or laugh hard! The trips to the toilet increase due to the pressure of your baby.

The regular visits to the doctor and the scans could be a little embarrassing yet so overwhelming when you see your baby move. Hoping that every report shows only the positives. Gestational diabetes and issues like high or low blood pressure are more than common. Make sure you drink plenty of water and try to stay calm.

The wait begins! You never know when exactly and how you could deliver the baby. The labour can go on for 72 hours or more! Delivery could be normal or via C- section.

Choose your birthing partner in the delivery room, most probably your husband. Someone who stays calm and doesn't create a ruckus!

It's okay that you yelled the swear words while trying to push the watermelon-sized baby! You almost scratched your poor husband's face.

At the end, your baby is finally here. Make sure you let your baby rest on your breasts for a while and have the first feed to get colostrum. It's extremely important.

Your vagina will continue to bleed for a month or two. You should get maternity pads for some relaxation. Also, the breasts during the first two months leak more milk than the baby consumes. If the baby is latched on to one breast, the other side feels tender and leaks milk. You can have breast pads for some comfort. Use loose clothes which can make you feel better.

Please do not discriminate based on the gender of your baby. It doesn't matter!

People will make you believe that you can't produce enough milk for the baby. But hey! That's normal. The more the baby drinks, the more your body will produce.

Meanwhile, after looking at your baby, you will finally feel relaxed. People might unknowingly shower all the attention on your baby. Please don't let that affect you. They love you too. They are just very happy to meet the new member.

Pregnancy and delivery could be such a rollercoaster ride! But absolutely worth it. After all you are bringing a new person into this world. Your own bunch of happiness! ♥️

Yet every year while you celebrate your baby's birthday, you will recall every moment of these days. ☺️☺️♥️

Edit : A few men in the comments section telling me about oh! The role of the father is also important, well I can't talk about it. I'm a single mother. The father was absent since the 3.5th month of my pregnancy.

Women telling me how they had easy peasy pregnancies, Woah ! You just got lucky. ❤️

Thank you for this crazy appreciation on this post. 🙏

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